Sheep Breeds

Sheep are animals typically kept as livestock around human settlements or specialised farms. With more than a billion sheep around the world they are a very common sight in many countries that have a strong agricultural industry and historical background.

Historically sheep are descended from the wild mouflon of Asia and Europe.
They are one of the earliest animals to be domesticated, mainly because of their non-aggressive behaviour, great numbers across various landscapes and their rich source of food. Sheep are raised for meat, fleece, milk and wool. The latter is an important source of animal fiber and usually harvested by shearing.

There are hundreds of domestic sheep breeds currently recorded, which vary with climate and terrain. You can find a detailed list of each of them, organised by name, origin and purpose here. Among the usual use for meat, milk and wool, the purpose of some sheep breeds is for vegetation management. Such an example is conservation grazing. The process, also called targeted grazing, is used to maintain and increase the biodiversity of natural grasslands, wood pasture, wetlands and other natural habitats.

Romania Sheep Breeds for Export – Lamb and Sheep Breeds

Romania is one of the leading sources of high quality sheep in the modern era. The country has a very long tradition of raising sheep across its rich variety of plains, hills and mountains. Sheep breeding has traditionally played an essential role in the lives of common people here because of its varied source of food and suitable natural habitat.

There are several breeds of sheep commonly found in Romania: Tsurcana (Țurcana) sheep, Tsigai (Țigaie) sheep and Merinos sheep. The most widespread of them is Tsurcana and it is mostly present in the centre and northern parts of the country. Tsigai sheep are similarly found in more colder areas of Romania, especially around the Carpathians mountain. The Merinos breed is very common in the warmer areas of the south plains.

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