Romanian Lamb Breeds

This ancient indigenous Romanian sheep (lamb) breed from Carpathian mountains was dispersed by Romanian transhumance shepherds and by former „Walachian” populations who use to live in this area. As a result of the traditional community breeding the sheep/lamb breed has an island structure with easy visible different emergent sheep/lamb breeds, each with different morphological and production traits. Some sheep types are Transhumant lamb Tsurcana (white wool), Black lamb Tsurcana (North Moldavia), Caransebes lamb Tsurcana (Western Carpathians), Hatseg lamb Tsurcana (Meridional Carpathians) or Gray lamb Tsurcana (Central Moldavia and middle Oriental Carpathians).

The Tsurcana Breed of Romanian Lambs

The Tsurcana breed of Romanian lambs is available for sale in great numbers and therefore represents the backbone of our livestock business. Per client’s request, it can be delivered with or without wool.

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